Mother Earths Healing Gifts

Apr. 11, 2016

I am deeply attracted and in love with the ocean its my place of serenity. Its magnetic to me I feel close to God to the universe. The sound of the waves sooth my mind, as I breath in the ocean air it restores my body and when I'm immersed in it I feel comfort ~ maybe because the first 9 months (actually 10) of our lives we are in a similar environment in our mothers womb. I just know its my favorite place to be and I am so thankful for all its healing gifts.

The sound of the waves change the brain patterns. The negative ions balance the levels of serotonin helping with depression, anxiety and our moods.The negative ions will neutralize the free radical positive ions. Natures natural anti-depressant comes with other healing properties such as healing skin disorders, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, increases the level of oxygen in our blood stream and helps improve circulation.

A great company I found AHAVA which Gives Back in three ways by developing an educational program to teach children about the importance of sustainability, by their environmental commitment to preserve the delicate environmental balance in the Dead Sea region and  AHAVA believes that art has the power to inspire our daily lives.The mineral rich shores of the Dead Sea are home to a breathtaking collection of naturally occurring crystal salt coverings. It was this natural wonder that led international artist, Anat Eshed Goldberg, and AHAVA Board Chairman, Arie Kohen, to collaborate on a unique series of Dead Sea salt sculptures.

Starting in 1988 AHAVA created the Osmoter, a truly unique concentrated extract of mineral rich Dead Sea water and opened its visitors center for tourists. In 1995 it began exporting its Dead Sea Mineral Skin Care to the world. This unique line combines the healing benefits of marine ingredients with vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Please visit & explore their website read their story, their ingredients and discover their products for yourself.