Mar. 13, 2016

Advanced Glycation AGEs

I'd like to write a brief blog today on inflammation as it is at the basis of aging in all organ systems, including our skin. One of the reasons inflammation occurs is because of a rapid rise in blood sugar which causes a biochemical rection to the cell. A natural process in which I will touch on how it affects our skin.

The sugar attaches to various proteins when consumed and moves into your bloodstream. The compound created is advanced glycation AGEs. So the more sugar you eat the more glycation advances. As the number of glycations in your body increases it begins to show in our skin. Damaging the cells particularly the elastin and collagen. Out of the three collegns I, II & III ~ three beging the longer lasting of the skin. Increased amunts of sugar will turn III to I. Not a good thing!

AGEs proteins also neutralize antioxidants leaving your skin open to environmental attacks and attacks from within via free radicals that antioxidants would normlly neutralize. All because you may eat too much sugar! Environmental attacks may come from the sun or pollution and internal from stress and or poor diet as well as free radicals.

TIPS: Eat less sugar - in particular refines sugars

        Watch for hidden sugars and cut down on carborhydrates.

A great article on Advanced Glycation (AGEs) end products