Physical & Chemical

Mar. 24, 2016

Young & old we need to product our skin from sunburns both from UVA & UVB exposure. Eighty to ninty percent of all skin changes including aging, non-melanoma and melanomiaare the result of sun exposure. This is accumulated damage throughout our lifes.

There are two types of sunscreens the Physical(natural) and the Chemical sunscreens.Physical sunscreens provide a protective barrier on your skin staying on the surface. They do not cause any sensitivty to skin - their ingredients being zinc oxide & titanium. Today we are more aware of what we apply to our skin our bodys largest organ which protects us. What you put on your body is just as important as to what you put it in. When using a Physical sunscreen apply any moisturizing creams or serums on first allowing them to penetrate the skin. Than apply your physical sunscreen as it will form the protective barrier deflecting the suns rays.

I highly recommand Carefree naturals sunscreen its light and easily spreads on without leaviing a white color on skin and packed with pure nuturing ingredients.

Chemical Sunscreens will absorb into the skin and it is recommended to put on 15 to 20 minutes before going into the sun. Any serums or moisturizers can be applied after that.They may contain toxic chemicals as allergins, irritants, perservatives and carcinagenics. Some of these chemicals can generate free radicals which can age and damage skin.

I recommand this website to check the safty of ingredients:

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  Perfect for every day!  It's safe for your children, the environment and even the most sensitive skin. Love this suncreen and this company I searched for a while to find a natural (Physical) sunscreen that was light weight and this is it. They also carry traditional (chemical sunscreens) but they are Non GMO, Non Nano, Paraben Free & Oil free.


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